Richard Samarüütel The Magician

Richard Samarüütel has pursued magic since 2006. Already as a young magician, Richard received a lot of attention, especially among other magicians. Richard was also present at the founding of the Society of Estonian Magicians in 2008. He has made larger and smaller audiences laugh and wonder since 2015, when he started pursuing entertainment full-time.

Richard performs for different audiences – from children to the elderly, in both Estonian and English. Richard is able to combine awe-inspiring magic with a twist of humor.
He is also involved in charity work, with which he has brought smiles to the mouths and sparkles to the eyes of many children in need.


We offer memorable magic shows, witty stand-up comedy shows and hosting for your evening events. Whether the event is a birthday at home, a big anniversary at a community center, a children's party in a playroom, a wedding at a tourism farm or a company party at a restaurant - we will find a suitable solution for you. Contact us using the form below - we are ready to help you with any wishes and questions you may have.


We offer a magic show on stage in front of the audience or walkaround magic or so-called micro magic while moving around in the crowd. Magic is suitable for any event and age - we adapt the performance to suit your event and audience.


We offer stand-up comedy in front of an audience. Richard interacts with the audience and tells funny stories about his life. Suitable for adults only. Can be combined with magic.


We also offer an evening management service upon request. Richard would announce the performers or acts, assist the guests, do some magic and a bit of banter. It is very suitable for birthdays and anniversaries and is intended for adults.

Special show


Are you organizing a chariti event? Are you representing any charity organization? Richard Samarüütel has taken the position to perform on a charity event free of charge! He has performed on many different charity events as well as on balls and brought joy and laughter to children, teens and elders. “Duckrace” and my day of dreams are few of many examples. Please contact us by writing an email to heategevus[at] or by calling to +372 5247656. Let’t do something great together!

What people are saying

What a great and unique job to be a party entertainer and magician. We want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts. We always hear impressions of how mystical and magical he was at our wedding, we get great feedback, and that's what the guests give back. We ourselves are still puzzled and still think and watch videos about how. Megaaaaaa. I don't know how, but I have never seen a better entertainer and thank you so much for making our wedding so awesome 🤩


Richard's performance was the highlight of our party! Even skeptics became believers in mysticism. In addition to performing amazing stunts, Richard is witty, charismatic and fun. I recommend 110%!


At one point, Richard is able to make jokes out of magic, but on the other hand, thanks to his well-thought-out performances and character, there is no shortage of humor.


Fun time and amazing stunts! On summer days, I ran back and forth in the room because I couldn't believe what just happened! Recommend!


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For booking and other inquiries, use this contact form. If you have any urgent questions, call +372 5247656. Emails will be answered within 24 hours.

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